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Thank you for your kind support of Above and Beyond Animal Care! Our goals revolve around delivering the finest possible care for your pet.
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We go Above and Beyond in providing comprehensive, quality veterinary care at affordable prices, in honor of the human-animal bond and family relationship of our patients.

About Us

Above and Beyond Clinic was established in 2009 by Dr. Jen Powers Maples. After working n the Redding area for 14 years, Dr. Jen decided to create her own clinic to provide family-orientated healthcare to companion animals, including horses, dogs, cats, and camelids.

The clinic is equipped with digital radiology, ultrasound, small animal surgical and dental suites, equine dental stocks, equine lameness evaluation equipment and areas, hospitalization, and ICU facilities for small and equine patients. In February of this year, we added ON SITE laboratory equipment to provide chemistries, complete blood counts, digitalized urinalysis, and progesterone testing. Beginning March of 2020, Dr. Jen, in collaboration with IDEXX Laboratories, initiated a comprehensive wellness program to provide diagnostic laboratory results at extremely affordable prices to detect early disease processes in well patients.

Our current goal is to expand the clinic by 200% before the end of 2022, providing additional exam rooms, waiting areas, and two new surgical suites.