Pet Cold LaserTherapy

Laser treatment is a cutting-edge veterinary medical procedure for treating a variety of ailments, including chronic pain in pets.
Pet Cold Laser Therapy

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Pet Cold Laser Therapy in Bella Vista, CA

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Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to increase circulation and stimulate blood flow. It is not a surgical laser that slices tissue but rather a laser with several wavelengths that aids in tissue healing. The laser might even be used instead of needles during acupuncture. Your veterinarian will first analyze their pain management needs to see if your pet is a good candidate for laser therapy.

It is not suggested that pets with cancer get laser therapy as it could aggravate or spread the tumor. The doctor will devise a unique treatment strategy for you. A course of eight to ten treatments, starting two to three times weekly and tapering down to weekly consultations, provides the best pain relief for dogs and cats.